Welcome to Still Meadow Farm, a family managed farm located five minutes north east of Thamesford, Ontario.

Our love of good food and a passion for land stewardship have led us to create an enterprise that offers local, naturally grown vegetables, maple syrup, as well as pasture raised meat and eggs.

We believe in a model of food production where there is a direct relationship between farmers and consumers. Farmers can support local consumers in their busy lives by providing reliable, healthy food and by being transparent in their practices. Consumers can come to the farm to see and learn about how their food is produced. The community can support their farmers by purchasing from local, sustainable sources, thereby supporting farm families and contributing to the regeneration of farmland.

We offer free delivery of all our products to Thamesford and surrounding area. Pick your own, pick up at the farm and other delivery options are available.

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Coming for spring 2024: Pick-your-own vegetable garden!

See this space for when first crops are ready to harvest.

When open, our hours will be:

Tuesday and Thursday 8 am to 8 pm, Saturday 8 am to 4 pm.

Maple Syrup

We have lots of Ontario Grade A maple syrup ready to go.

Pasture Raised Beef




Pasture Raised Chicken

This year marks our second year raising chickens on pasture through the Artisnal Chicken Program with the Chicken Farmers of Ontario.

Our chicks start inside, in the brooder, with feed, water, and lots of heat. At about 3 weeks, they’ve grown their feathers and can move out to the pasture. They live in portable, bottomless shelters with feed and water available at all times. The shelters provide shade and protect the chickens from arial predators. They are moved once or twice a day and the birds enjoy hunting for fresh grass, clover, and bugs.

The chickens are processed at a government inspected facility in Aylmer, Ontario.

Pasture Raised Lamb

We raise a beautiful breed of sheep called Katahdin.  They are a hair sheep, not wool, which helps give their meat a mild lamb flavour that many people prefer.

The sheep are raised on pasture and fed hay in the winter.


Contact us: 235492 23rd Line, Thamesford



Pasture Raised Pork

We raise heritage breed pigs such as Berkshire, Tamworth, Duroc and Large Black that tend to do well on pasture. They love to root in the dirt and lie in the sun (or shade) and sometimes make a little wallow.

They are regularly moved to a fresh piece of pasture where they enjoy eating grass and forbs and can root for grubs. In addition, they are provided the free choice of grain and garden vegetables.

We bring our pigs to Embro to be processed and packaged. The short ten minute drive keeps transportation stress to a minimum.