Pasture Raised Chicken


***first batch of 2024 chickens will be available June 20th***

***contact us to hold fresh chicken for you (whole and parts)***

Backs & Necks: $2/lb.   (packages approx. 2 lbs.)   (sold out)

Boneless Breast: $8.55/lb.   (2 per pack)   (sold out)

Bone In Breast: $7.95/lb.   (2 per pack)   (sold out)

Drumsticks: $4.50/lb.   (4 per pack)

Liver: $3.90/lb.   (1 pound packages)  (sold out)

Thighs: $5/lb.   (4 per pack)   (sold out)

Wings: $4.50/lb.   (6 per pack)

Whole Chicken: $4.50/lb.   (approx. 4 to 6 pounds)   (sold out)